Arkansas Black apples: Known for their dark red & purple skin tone. Vintage 1840.

Winesap Apples: A popular vintage cider variety dating back to 1820.

Varieties: Strawberry infused | Un-Oaked | Oaked

Strawberry infused

This batch started with a Winesap and Arkansas Black base. Before bottling this blend I added freshly cut strawberries from our local CSA Mountain View Farm. This resulted in an ever so slight strawberry flavor that blends into the background of the cider and gives it flavor without overpowering the apples.

Winesap and Arkansas Black (Un-oaked)

This batch was the base juice fermented out with no additions. Just the apples baby! In my opinion this is the truest expression of these vintage apples.

Winesap and Arkansas Black (Oaked)

During the fermentation process this batch was aged on medium roasted French oak staves. This gave the cider slight flavors of vanilla, oak, and leather. The oak also added some tannin and gave it a different mouthfeel than the un-oaked batch. Very unique and worth a taste!